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Half Pint Homestead

Follow us as we build our new homestead in the woods.

You’ll find not only our products, but those that we recommend.

Our Goal

To build an integrated permaculture-based homestead that utilizes local resources to build a comfortable and efficient home while preserving the natural landscape.

To do this, we will combine the following elements:

Building Techniques

Earth and Wood are going to be our main building materials.  They have low embodied energy and are gentle on our planet.

It’s Hip to Be Square

It’s Hip to Be Square

Although we are hiding from winter in Florida, we have not been idle on the house plans.  Hours have been spent molding them into something both beautiful and useful.  The floor plan has changed greatly.  Gone is the lovely spiral, which is definitely beautiful, but...


The plants on our homestead provide us so much: Food both for us and our lifestock, shade, building materials, medicines, and don’t forget…oxygen!!

A Thorny Proposition

A Thorny Proposition

A neon pink twine snakes through the bare grey trees, guiding my steps as I pace off our property line.  Leaves crackle underfoot and the air is heavy with the scent of autumn. Three big steps, a strong jab with my sharpened walking stick, a lunge down, and two...


We made the decision to include livestock on our homestead for meat, eggs, and milk and to close the nutrient cycle.

Eeny, Meeny, Miney, GOAT!

Eeny, Meeny, Miney, GOAT!

Goats are a large part of our self-reliance plans on the Homestead.  Since our property is in the woods and there is just the two of us most of the time, goats are by far the best dairy animal for us. They are small, easy to handle, and so much fun! Goats are browsers...


We believe thoughts become things.  Everything a person does sends ripples into the world, for good or evil.  So we work hard to make our ripples good.

Eating the Elephant

Eating the Elephant

In my imagination, our home is already complete.  It’s walls are gently nestled into the earth and a grassy meadow bursts forth from the roof.  The interior is a bright, airy sanctuary protected from the world by tons of hard-packed earth.  Yesterday, we sat down to...


World ending events aside, there are a lot of reasons to prep.  From ice storms to a war, we are working to be prepared – not forever, but for long enough.  

Fat of the Land

Fat of the Land

I’m not a fan of most television, but there a historical reality series I find myself watching over and over – the BBC “Farm” series.  These shows follow along as several experts live and work as if they were in a specific time period.  There are 5 shows covering time...

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